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Pink Pallet Pendant Shade Small

£44.99 / Sold Out

The pallet pendant lampshade is made out of recycled pallets and can be custom designed. There are 5 different shade colours and 6 different elastic colors meaning there are 30 different options to pick from. Meaning if you’re after that rustic look then why not chose our natural shade with black elastic. Or if you’re after some colour in your dining room then why not a yellow shade and white elastic. If that’s too bright then try a natural shade with a touch of color with our orange elastic.

The dimensions for the small is 200mm tall x 170mm wide.

We recycle all types of pallets therefore the patina and colour may vary from shade to shade but that's the beauty of the shades, no one is ever alike. Each one is hand made all the way down to the elastic, of which there is a choice of colours you can pick from to make each shade fit with your home.

All our shades come with 8 pallet wood segments, light fitting, x2 coloured elastic bands and the instructions.

Use the drop down box on the right to choose the color of cord you wish your light to come with.

UK £6 every other item after is £3
Worldwide £8 every other item after is £4