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Pallet Pendant Shade Small

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Pallet Pendant Shade Small

The pallet pendant shade is made from.......you guessed it pallets. We recycle all types of pallets therefore the patina and colour may vary from shade to shade but that's the beauty of the shades, no one is ever alike. Each one is hand made all the way down to the elastic, of which there is a choice of colours you can pick from to make each shade fit with your home.

You, the user get the pleasure of assembling the pallet shade, but unlike most self-assembling products the pallet shade is easy and satisfying, especially when you click the final piece in place, they all come with easy to understand instructions and there’s no gluing, screwing or hammering. No tools needed.

We have two sizes available to choose from, here your viewing the small pallet. The size of the small is: 200mm high x 180mm at its widest point.

The pallet shade can be used with existing light fittings. It doesn’t come with any electrical cables; just 8 carefully cut pieces of wood, wooden octagon and two elastic cords.

Use the drop down box on the right to choose they colour of cord you wish your light to come with.

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