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The Unique Cabinet One


The ‘Unique Collection’ of furniture, handmade from precisely cut oak, mahogany, and pallet wood, is the work of FactoryTwentyOne owner, Christopher Berry.

Each piece is the result of many hours of careful preparation, assembly and finishing, with the added details of natural leather, brass and oak feet. Each piece is unique, hence the name, and each pattern is well considered, prior to construction, but with a freeness from any pre-conceived constraints, giving Chris the chance to tweak the design as its being produced. It is this very process that gives each piece its unique look.

Commissions are welcome, so if the item you’ve fallen in love with, has been sold, rest assured we can make you another. Naturally, it won’t be the same, but you can also rest assured that it will be just as beautiful…and ‘Unique’.

This two door cabinet is another part to the ‘Unique Collection’. The beautiful doors were going to be two table tops but due to the nature of the collection the decision was made to turn them into doors for this fantastic and unique cabinet.

The doors are made from oak, mahogany and pallet wood with brass hinges and door pulls giving the piece it truly classic look.

The cabinet sites on oak feet and the carcass is made in an oak veneer. There are 3 shelves with the top and bottom ones adjustable.

Ideal for any style room in the home it can store plates in the kitchen, paper work in the office, books and cds in the living room or towels in the bathroom.

Dimensions 106.5cm tall x 46cm wide x 30cm deep

We ship worldwide.
Uk £80
Worldwide £190