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Factorytwentyone is a home accessories company based in Sussex at the foot of the south downs. Started by Christopher Berry and inspired from a background of medieval furniture and a degree in furniture and product design, Christopher set out to create affordable, easily shipped and eco-friendly house-hold products.

Factorytwentyone's aim is to create original items, available to everyone. With a mix of traditional manufacturing techniques and modern processes, our collection of products ranges from lamp shades to coat hooks and clocks to key hook & mail organizers. You’re sure to enjoy the quality and playful side that goes with each design.

We believe that our products should come from sustainable or recycled sources. We use recycled pallets in our shade. The pallets we use are waste materials that are found left on industrial estates, discarded and left to rot.

Our coat hooks and mail organizers come from the production of furniture which use recycled oak beams. We then take the off-cuts that are no good for the furniture and work them into handy organizers for the home.